I have looked into the eyes of some of Britain’s most infamous serial killers and rapists, including the cold-blooded psychopath John Sweeney.


A former police officer has spoken out about his experiences looking into the eyes of some of Britain’s most infamous serial killers and rapists.

Mick Jones has battled the likes of Levi Bellfield and David Smith throughout his 30-year career, bringing one of them to tears in the process.


'Scalp hunter' killer John Sweeney murdered and dismembered two former girlfriends


Serial killer, sex offender, rapist, kidnapper, and burglar Levi Bellfield


John Sweeney, the “scalp hunter” who murdered and dismembered two ex-girlfriends and dumped their bodies in canals, was the worst, he says.

The monster’s horrific crimes landed him in prison for the rest of his natural life. But before Mick could put him in jail, he had to question him.

“He is probably one of the most terrifying men I have ever interviewed,” he declared to WalesOnline.

He was a psychopath and a heartless killer. He took life in a icy fashion.

He “didn’t seem to feel bad about butchering and killing people,” as one witness put it.

For his first job in law enforcement, Mick moved to London in 1976 to join The Met.

There he met Bellfield, Smith, and Sweeney and worked on high-profile murder and disappearance cases.

The 1980 disappearance of Patsy Morris, a 14-year-old student, while she was at school was his first murder investigation.

Her body was found two days later in thick brush close to her house.

Decades later, it was revealed that the child had been friends with serial killer and rapist Bellfield when they were younger.

Their relationship was looked into, but he was never formally accused of her murder.

The murders of Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange, as well as the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, have landed him in jail.

“He was a control freak and always aggressive,” Mick said of Bellfield.

What I knew about him in advance was consistent [with his criminal behavior].

He was the type of egotistical, self-centered individual who believed he was superior to everyone else.

John Sweeney was a psychopath and a murderer without remorse.

Later in his career as a CID officer, Mick, originally from Brynamman, South West Wales, went to the home of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, who had been reported missing in 1986.

Since her death and presumed murder in 1993, no one has been found guilty of her death.

The CPS believed in 2002 that there was insufficient evidence to charge John Cannan, who was responsible for the 1987 murder of Shirley Banks and a series of other rapes and abductions.

Before joining the murder squad, Mick worked briefly in the domestic violence unit after leaving CID.

There he met the serial killer and rapist Smith, who in 1999 attacked and killed Amanda Walker, a sex worker.

He was a “cold-blooded honey monster,” as Mick put it, and when Mick came to charge him, the man began crying and calling for his mother.

Mick, now retired, reflected on his troubled career by saying it “certainly affected his personal life.”

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The grandfather of four found himself “hardly home” due to his “really long hours” of work and two marriages.

To “get justice for the families” who had been “ripped apart by the most unimaginable grief,” he said, was worth it.

Murderer, rapist and suspected serial killer David Smith


Cold case detectives named  John Cannan as the prime suspect of Suzy Lamplugh’s murder in 2002


Mick described Bellfield as 'full of himself' and Sweeney as a 'complete psychopath'


Estate agent Lamplugh was reported missing in July 1986


Patsy Morris, 14, was murdered by strangulation in 1980



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