I haven’t worn a bra in years; it’s only right; we were always intended to be liberated.


A YOGA teacher has gone braless and called the decision “revolutionary.”

The LA native is advocating for other women to stop wearing bras.


She is urging other women to do the same


Years ago, Jennifer Rollins (@jenniferpolisticyogi) stopped using bras.

“Another lady figured out that I don’t wear or really own any bras and she was completely shocked,” she says of the woman who discovers she doesn’t wear them.

She posted to her TikTok, “So I just want to let you know that you don’t have to wear a bra. You’re just fooling yourself.

To paraphrase her, “breasts are not offensive,” and we were created to feel “free.”

I always had DD cup boobs – they shrunk after I had kids, now I go bra-free
I went bra-free at a theme park - there was an expected perk

I just spent the past week with someone who wears a size D and doesn’t wear a bra either.

It’s not just because I have small breasts that I don’t wear a bra,” she clarified.

“It’s actually better for your posture and your back muscles and all of your whole body altogether if you’re not wearing a bra,” she said, listing off the many ways in which ditching the undergarment can improve your health.

Her rallying cry to women everywhere was, “It’s okay to live life without a bra.”

Many women agreed with her in the comments that they no longer had any place in their underwear drawers.

“I haven’t worn one since I retired from the corporate world four years ago,” said this devotee.

Another said, “I haven’t worn one in years and it’s society that thinks we need one.” They both agreed that women shouldn’t feel any pressure to conform to this social construct. We weren’t designed to have them on.

One viewer, however, commented that she couldn’t do it because her breasts were too large, but that she would do it all the time if they were smaller. There’s too much wiggle in DDD.

Free them up



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