I just bought a bunch of bikinis when I was 40 weeks pregnant, and most of them don’t even cover my bump.


After trying on her new bikini collection, a heavily pregnant woman was encouraged by her followers to show off her bump.

She was unsure whether or not to show off her pregnant belly, but her supporters insisted that she do so.


This black swimsuit didn't even get past her bump


Hannah Hoeg (@hannahmaehoeg), an influencer from California who describes herself as a “wifey and first-time mama,” has amassed 431,000 followers on Instagram.

Hannah announced on TikTok that she was expecting a baby and was on the hunt for maternity swimwear.

Any expecting mother can attest to the difficulty of locating appropriate clothing.

For the first time in her pregnancy, Hannah said, “I’m going to the beach.” Hannah was 40 weeks and two days along.

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I’ve been meaning to try on some swimwear I have. Since none of them are brand new, they all date from before you got pregnant.

She was crossing her fingers that one of them would work, but the first one she tried on, a black onesie, didn’t even come close to fitting.

This dress was too short to fit over her growing belly.

As the swimsuit stopped at her belly, she joked, “This is where my boobs are supposed to be.”

“Not off to a good start,” she remarked.

Next up was a candy-striped, shoestring costume.

Okay, I managed to get it on, but she wasn’t buying it.

“Not sure I feel the most comfortable in it.”

The next one on the try-on list was a white one that had a hole laser-cut into the front.

Trying on clothes was difficult because of her pregnant belly.

Well, she pondered, “These one-pieces are very tight, and this belly is showing too much; I don’t know if they want to play.”

The next swimsuit Hannah tried on, an umber one with a plunging neckline, didn’t impress her any more.

“Feeling like a sumo wrestler a little bit,” she said critically of herself.

The final piece in her collection, however, was a bikini that everyone agreed was the best.

Her outfit plan consisted of a bikini and a baggy T-shirt, as she declared.

She beamed at me, baby bump protruding, and said, “Yay, now let’s go to the beach.”

Comments on her post unanimously agreed that Hannah radiated beauty in her swimwear.

One common compliment was, “You look beautiful.”

Be proud of your pregnant look said many more.

The last one is my favorite because you look stunning. Let’s see that bump before it disappears, urged this ardent supporter.

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Also, “You look fantastic in the last one,” said someone else. And there’s no reason for you to cover up; you’re gorgeous as is.

One viewer, however, found some humor in Hannah’s swimsuit mishaps, saying, “I laughed so hard at the first one, I’m sorry. ”I’m 30 weeks pregnant and it’s hard,” she concluded.

She wasn't so keen on this one


This wasn't a hit either


She thought she looked like a 'sumo wrestler' in this number


The bikini option seemed to work best for Hannah



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