I make fifty pounds an hour as a naked maid, and it’s my favorite side hustle; you wouldn’t believe who keeps their houses so spotless.


The dirty little secret of the clients whose homes a NAKED cleaner who earns thousands buffing in her baby suit has revealed.

Lottie Rae started working there to make some extra money, so she charges £50 an hour.


The Brit does it to earn a bit of cash on the side


Since its launch in October 2017, she says it’s the best side hustle she’s ever had, allowing her to earn significantly more than when she sold pre-owned clothing.

The 32-year-old British man explained, “I’m always looking for ways to make extra money and I quite like being naked, so I thought ‘okay, I’ll try it.

“I was supposed to go to my first job, but I cancelled.

I was supposed to be at that house that evening, but when I looked at it on Google Maps and saw that it backed onto woods, I became extremely anxious.

Since Lottie first pulled on the marigolds, she has served a wide variety of gentlemen, from nudists to elderly gentlemen to guys who are lonely and want some company.

Some people, however, “hope for something more,” and she freely admits that she has an uncanny ability to identify predators.

The naked housekeeper said: “It’s kind of an indicator that people who are slightly creepier tend to have perfectly clean houses.

Although it is obvious that I am only there to clean, rumors persist that other cleaners have also worked as strippers or massage therapists.

According to Lottie, she had to leave a seedy client’s house because he had just switched to porn on his TV.

However, we have many other clients who are sweet and pleasant to deal with.

Lottie, who doesn’t want anyone to know what she really does for a living, said, “One of my clients I cleaned for three times altogether, and his house was the dirtiest house I’ve ever come across…

full of grime and filth… After I got there, however, he said I wasn’t needed for any sort of cleaning.

He wasn’t a perv; he just wanted to hang out with someone.

Lottie has a coffee with another guy, a nudist, who gets naked with her.

Lottie, who writes a blog about her unconventional source of income, amazingly neglects basic safety precautions like wearing gloves.

And in the six years she’s been spotless, her partners have always been fine with her having a second job.

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Her friends and family know what she does too.

A lot of my friends’ partners wouldn’t be okay with it, so it’s nice that my current partner is sound with it,” the cleaner continued.

Lottie said one seedy client switched porn on his TV as she arrived and she had to get out of there


In the six years she's been spick and spanning starkers, she's had partners who have been completely fine with her side-hustle


But Lottie admits there are always those who 'hope for something more'



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