I put thousands of dollars into my dream wedding gown… I felt incredibly sultry, but everyone thought I looked like a stripper.

A BRIDE-TO-BE was dubbed “horrible” after trying on a wedding gown that she found sexy.

Genevieve, a bride-to-be, revealed ahead of the big day that she had been saving up for a sexy wedding gown – but the response was far from what she had hoped for.


Some believed the brutal remarks were too harsh


The young woman from Quebec, Canada, said she was looking for a mermaid style dress because it would make her feel the most beautiful. She appeared on the popular show Say Yes To The Dress.

”The best is that I feel more sexy because I feel more attractive when I dress sexily.”

Genevieve arrived at the salon ready to spend more than £8,500 on the perfect gown.

However, while the bride-to-be was excited to look and feel her best on her wedding day, Genevieve’s friend was concerned that the material in each dress would diminish.

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Genevieve left the changing room stunned by her mother, sister, and friend after trying on one of the potential candidate dresses.

She said she felt ”sexy” in a lacy dress with see-through detailing around her tummy.

Her friend, on the other hand, had a different perspective: ”I’ve never seen anything so horrific.”

”It might work for a Las Vegas cabaret, but not for your wedding,” says the narrator.

”What are you doing with your clothes on?” He chuckled as he asked, “Does it come with a sweater?”

”You’re so concerned about your appearance, and now you get to see so much of it,” Genevieve’s sister agreed.

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”I’m just curious as to how you’ll be on your wedding day.”

Genevieve became emotional after receiving the harsh criticism, revealing that she didn’t ”feel pretty in the dress anymore.”

Desperate for a dress, she tried on another, but while her friends seemed to like it, Genevieve was missing the glimmer and tears that come with being obsessed with a piece of clothing.

”I came here with a showstopper […] and it’s like’meh,” the bride-to-be said, reflecting on the lacy gown she wore earlier.

”I have to rethink what I want to look like.”

Viewers were taken aback when they heard her friend’s and family’s comments and took to social media to express their displeasure.

Someone wrote, ”I felt very sorry for the first bride, her sister and friend were brutal, especially considering she was body-conscious.’

”The first bride’s “friend” saying he won’t let her wear the first dress is really disgusting because it’s not about what he likes, it’s about what she likes and feels comfortable in,” a second agreed, adding, ”The first bride’s “friend” saying he won’t let her wear the first dress is really disgusting because it’s not about what he likes, it’s about what she likes and feels comfortable in.

”He acts as if he’s marrying her, and he doesn’t care about what she likes.”

Others, on the other hand, agreed with the friend’s assessment.

”Then there was the see-through. I wouldn’t say it like her friend did because it’s rude; instead, I’d simply say I didn’t like the way it looked.”

Met with brutal feedback, the bride-to-be said she no longer felt pretty in the dress


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