I recently did a Skims haul and I love the bra, but I’m also crazy about another item that makes me feel like a boogie rich girl. I’m a 32DD.


A big-boobs influencer performed a Skims try-on haul for her followers and shared her opinions of the items.

On TikTok, Stephanie Lauer (@stephanie.lauer), who posts her shopping hauls and comments on them, has more than 245,000 followers.


In her profile, she can be seen putting on clothing from retailers like Pink, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Amazon.

However, she tends to favor the Skims brand the most.

Stephanie recently shared all the products she purchased from Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line in a video.

She put on the t-shirt bra first, claiming that it lacked padding.

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I really like how these fit, Stephanie said. They are incredibly comfortable despite having underwire.

Along with a long robe that she managed to find on sale, Stephanie also shared a towel she purchased that she described as “perfect for the pool.”

Stephanie remarked, “I don’t understand how this is on sale and not sold out. It’s cozy and comfortable.

She put on what appeared to be a brown loungewear set as the next item.

She commented, “This set gives me bougie, rich vibes,” and added that she had placed an order for the same set in a different color right away.

“It’s like wearing a blanket.”

She advised customers to simply pair the pants with a tank top for a straightforward, at-home appearance.

Stеphaniе rеvеalеd in thе commеnts that thе clothеs fit hеr figurе pеrfеctly and that hеr bra sizе is 32DD.

Stephanie Lauer, a TikToker with more than 245,000 followers often shares her reviews on popular brands



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