I recently made a Skims purchase; the viral dress was so great that I bought it in four different colors.


In her most recent haul for Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, a BREATHTAKING beauty influencer has delivered jaw-dropping looks.

Celina Smith recently posted a vlog in which she flaunted her flawless skin and toned body in a series of loungewear she purchased from Skims.


The beauty influencer tried on multiple matching sets


She said she received many compliments when she wore the iconic body-con dress


The 26-year-old model’s channel, which focuses on travel, beauty, and shopping, has amassed over 170,000 subscribers.

After a night out at a Fort Lauderdale event, she filmed a quick review of a popular clothing line on her way home.

This day I plan to make a Skims haul. I wish I could have put in more effort to look better for the camera, but filming is exhausting. She informed her readers, “I’m so tired.

Smith initially selected a set consisting of a form-fitting shirt and underwear in a coffee color.

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“I see myself cooking in this and walking around the house like a little wife in this fit,” she said.

The girl changed into a white version of the same outfit.

She remarked how adorable, hot, and cozy it was. Because I’m a messy cook, I can’t see myself using this white oven.

White may not have been the best choice, but Smith still had choices.

In her own words, “I am very much one of those girlies where if I see something I really like then I will get it in like every single color,” which is why she also owns the same shirt in black.

The influential individual then donned a set of fuzzy gray robes.

The comfort level is through the roof. You won’t catch me at the airport without my brand new airport outfit,” she said.

She couldn’t praise the plush material enough.

After promising to upload her “showier” outfits to her website, she twirled for the camera in a skintight black bodysuit.

Then, Smith revealed the one thing she absolutely had to have from the haul.

She demonstrated the iconic Skims body con dress while relating how she received a deluge of compliments while wearing it to celebrate her birthday.

“If you guys are looking for a really sexy good quality body-con dress I’m telling you this is it,” she said. The item was available to me in four distinct hues.

Many people felt compelled to comment their admiration for the stunning social media star.

“Killing it. Natural born Diva,” one person wrote.

The Skims dresses were universally adored, and many people said as much.

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“I literally have six of those Skims dresses and I love them so much,” another user said.

Smith isn’t the first social media star to comment on the size-neutral clothing line, but she does an excellent job of stealing the show.

The influencer praised the brand's biker shorts


The plush robe set was perfect airport attire


The influencer purchased the Skims dress in four different colors



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