I thought I had been duped after spending $500 on 100 lost mail packages from eBay, but I actually ended up making money.

PACKAGES that are misplaced in the mail don’t stay lost forever; eventually, someone else may be able to purchase them.

One YouTuber talked about her recent experience buying lost packages from other customers who had originally purchased from eBay for $500.


Some of the most expensive items Sarai unboxes are clothes that don't fit her


On YouTube, Sarai Jones has 3.5 million subscribers.

Her account of bringing home packages from eBay totaling $500 is already getting a lot of attention.

“Lost packages end up at a mail recovery center,” she explains. A package from the postal service will probably be donated or auctioned off if it is unclaimed after 30 to 90 days.

She went to one of those auctions and brought several boxes containing unidentified items home.

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A basic black phone case, which costs $18.99 on Amazon, is one of the first things she opens.

She finds a ton of oversized dresses and shirts inside the second box she opens.

Jokingly putting one of the dresses from the box on, Sarai spins in front of the camera.

The total cost of the clothing collection was $272.88.

She then opens a box containing a variety of items, including a $5.25 sound-activated disco light.

Additionally, it comes with a tripod-mounted six-inch studio light that is also valued at $5.25.

She also discovers a $10 LED car light inside the box.

Sarai also takes a mullet-style wig, which costs $17.99, out of the bottom of the package.

Sarai unboxes several items that light up including a ring light for selfies


Also included in the box were $22.89 per piece night lights in the form of Star Wars that stick to the wall.

Sarai adds up all the dollar amounts after opening each and every package she bought at the auction.

She spent $500 at the lost packages auction and ended up leaving with $850.17 worth of goods.

The peоple in Sarai’s cоmmоn YоuTube sectiоn find her fascinating shоpping experience tо be very funny.

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“Sarai, hear me оut… Buy an abandоned stоrage unit,” оne persоn wrоte.

I adоre these. Anоther persоn chimed in, “I’ll watch as many оf these videоs as yоu’re willing tо release.

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