I took in a puppy, and two years later we got a shocking email proving she was a completely different breed than we thought.


A WOMAN received the biggest shock of her life when she discovered that her new puppy was not a purebred.

The dog’s owner showed clips of her fluffy puppy as it was growing up, before showing the world what her dog has become.


She took to TikTok to share snaps of her dog as an adorable puppy


Now, her pet looks more wolf than dog-like


After receiving an email proving her dog was a different breed, the dog’s mother, who goes by @ournorthernworld, took to TikTok to share the news.

The owner’s bizarre journey to identify her dog’s breed quickly went viral, garnering over 1.7 million likes and 4,000 comments.

A still from the video with the caption “I adopted a puppy at 8 weeks old” shows her with her new pet at the outset.

“She was so sweet and loved attention,” she added.

She was so curious, and always getting into trouble, and full of personality,” the dog-mom gushed as the montage moved on to scenes of the puppy digging in the sand.

The results of a DNA test she conducted on her 12-week-old dog are then revealed.

According to the initial results, the percentage of Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and German Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound hybrids was 74%, 9.4%, and 16.6%, respectively.

The owner updated her followers with photos of her dog after seeing the results.

The once-cute puppy now has a long, bushy tail, pointy ears, and a coat of dark fur that makes it look like a monster.

The woman then revealed an unexpected turn of events: “Two years later we received an email saying her test was re-run and the results had been updated.”

Then she asked her 44.8k followers to weigh in on the matter, and the results didn’t come as a huge shock.

If that’s not a wolf, I’m a plant, someone supposedly wrote.

Someone else chimed in, “Wolf mix, love it. They rock my world!!

A third commented: “That’s a whole wolf”.

A fourth laughed and said, “Umm ma’am that might not be a dog. To which the user replied, “Bring her to the forest and let her instincts run free,” followed by a scared emoji.

The dog mom’s YouTube channel is filled with videos of her three dogs, Tiler, Atlas, and North, all of whom have legions of devoted fans.

This follows the experience of a woman who thought she was purchasing a German Shepherd puppy but was actually duped by the breeder.

After being told that her adorable pup Luma may be wolf-like, her mom said she decided to have her DNA tested.

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Another woman was taken aback when the husky-like puppy she had taken in turned out to be something much more dangerous as it matured in her care.

The dog’s owner, who goes by the handle @Raised.by.Wolvex, describes it as a “wolfdog.”

Her followers were left stunned at the mind-blowing transformation of her pup


The dog now has patches of dark fur, a bushy tail and pointed ears



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