I used to be a lawyer, but I got bored after six months and switched to OnlyFans instead. Now I make £46,000 per month, and I couldn’t be happier.


The Iranian-American model who recently joined OnlyFans explained why she left her “dream job” as a lawyer.

The contrast between Jazmen Jafar’s humble beginnings and the saucy career that now earns her a hefty monthly salary of £46,000 is stark.


Her parents raised her to enter the "corporate world"


The model’s Iranian parents raised her in California with the values of modesty and education.

Her parents had always hoped she would “go into the corporate world,” but when she turned 28, she realized that this was not the path for her.

Two years ago, luck led her in a different direction, and she’s been making the most of her online profile ever since.

“Some classmates and I got talking about OnlyFans and I was curious,” she said to Nude PR.

“I excelled academically, but I yearned for independence and the chance to find my own voice outside of the classroom.

“I’d break out in a cold sweat every time I considered spending the rest of my life in an office.”

Jazmen started her account in secrecy, telling only a few close friends about it.

Her earnings suddenly skyrocketed from £46,000 in the first few months to a six-figure sum every month.

A lot of my fans are from the Middle East, but there aren’t a lot of Middle Eastern girls on OnlyFans, Jazmen said.

I was initially quite timid, but after making tens of thousands of dollars I gained my courage to show my face.

She kept her OnlyFans account in the black even as she studied for the bar.

Her dream job as an attorney dropped into her lap, but she ultimately decided against it.

After some internal debate, Jazmen accepted the position but left a year later to devote himself full-time to OnlyFans.

Her conservative parents were not supportive of her new career path, and their relationship suffered as a result.

According to the mannequin, “they stopped talking to me for months.”

But I had spent my entire life trying to please others, and now I was going to do whatever it took to please myself.

My mother eventually reached out and told me that she loved me no matter what I decided to do.

Some months later, my father “came around,” and now we have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding my career.

The model hopes to use her visibility to combat prejudice against her people.

She went on to say that many people in the Middle East have to keep their sexual orientation or romantic relationships a secret from their families.

“I want to be an example of living your truth.

Every woman has the right to be herself, and if that means being completely clothed, then so be it.

It gives me courage to talk about what I do because my Iranian sisters are fighting for their fundamental rights and burning their headscarves to start a revolution.

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For the sake of doing good in our community and assisting other models with their contracts, I still occasionally practice law, and one day I hope to establish a foundation or charity.

But now I have the courage to try new things and am committed to discovering all of the options available to me.

Jazmen made so much that she was able to quit her job as a lawyer


She often posts on TikTok and Instagram about her experience


The stunning model has hundreds of thousands of followers


She worked as a lawyer for a year before doing OnlyFans full time



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