I was given a dress code at work because I think my employers despise my “natural” body.

A WOMAN has revealed that she was subject to a dress code at work despite abiding by all guidelines. She claims that all of her previous employers disliked her “natural” body.

User ShiAngelzWorld posted the video, in which she flaunted her outfit and exhibited a bewildered expression for the camera.


She says all of her jobs hate her natural body.


She is seen looking directly at the camera in the humorous video.

Over the video, text is displayed that reads, “Got dress code at work.”

She walks away with the phone raised, displaying her outfit and the nearly nonexistent amount of skin showing.

She is dressed in all-black, including her combat boots, pants, and long-sleeved top.

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She is wearing a pink tank top on top, which was the justification given by her bosses for the dress code.

She briefly described her experience in the comments section.

“Guess what got me coded,” she wrote. 

Her story shocked her followers, who were baffled and unable to find any flaws in her attire.

“The crop?” wrote someone. 

“How?” wrote someone else. 

I cannot make this s**t up because I was wearing pink, she wrote.

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“They just dress-code natural bodies now,” one of her followers wrote.

“Every job I’ve ever had has,” she replied. 

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