I was horrified when the groomer returned my sweet long-haired dog looking like Sid from Ice Age.


When his cute long-haired dog returned from the groomers looking like Sid from Ice Age, a dog owner was horrified.

The amusement of onlookers resulted from the owner’s harsh criticism of the stylists on social media for the sloppy haircut.


The terrifying "after" photo that left social media users in stitches


The man tweeted an “before” and “after” photo of his dog.

In the first photo, the puppy had the appearance of a typical, well-cared-for house pet.

Its voluminous mane and pretty pink adornments were immediately recognizable.

The terrifying photo that resulted from a visit to the groomer.

With most of its fur shaved off, the toy hound resembled an alien.

The only thing left of its former glory was a cropped pony tail.

The angry pet owner posted the photos to Twitter with the caption, “Count your f***ing days PetSmart.”

There have been over 500,000 likes on the tweet, and it has been retweeted over 91,000 times.

The vast majority of viewers found it hilarious, with many remarking on how much it resembled an Ice Age personality.

“That’s your dog man lmao,” a Twitter user said.

One person put it this way: “Can you picture taking Fido to the groom and picking up Sid from Ice Age instead?

“Lord, forgive me for laughing so hard I started wheezing,” a second begged.

A third participant compared going out on a Friday night to waking up on a Saturday morning.

“I kept sliding back and forth on these pictures and laughing every time,” another said.

There were, however, members of the online community who responded to the negative comments about the groomer and defended their actions.

‘The only reason a groomer would shave them that short would be because you didn’t brush them,’ the woman said.

Customers like you are the reason many independent businesses aren’t taking doodles anymore,” one remarked.

A recent online trend about bad experiences at dog groomers has sparked passionate discussions.

Another dog owner was shocked to see her pet resembling a raw chicken after a particularly bad haircut.

The dog’s human joked that her Goldendoodle, named Scout, looked like “a new dog” after a trip to the groomer.

His curly hair had been buzzed almost to the skin, giving him the appearance of a dog.

The owner of Scout was fuming when the groomer told her she had miscommunicated about the dog’s cut, despite the fact that she had requested the same style of cut as before.

I tried to prevent any misunderstandings by bringing pictures to the groomer, but it ended up like this.

“It’s not a big deal, the hair will grow back.

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Unfortunately, I think I need to look for a new groomer.

One white hound had a very strange haircut that left it looking naked.

Sid from the film Ice Age



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