I wear a bikini despite feeling “insecure” about my plus-size sometimes because all bodies are attractive.


No matter how we may appear, almost everyone has body parts they would rather cover up.

Lex Gibbon, a plus-sized woman, claimed she frequently experiences insecurity while wearing a bikini but nevertheless does so with pride to encourage other people who resemble her.


Still, she flaunted her body and proved that all bodies are beautiful


The blonde beauty took a step away from the camera to reveal her body as she posted to her TikTok account (@lexgibbon).

She posed on a beach in a lavender bikini.

The high-waisted bottom highlighted her curves while squeezing her stomach, and the push-up style top flatteringly accentuated her arms and chest.

I’m most insecure when I’m wearing a bikini, but,” she said.

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She adjusted the bathing suit, strutting her body with playful assurance.

“They won’t feel alone any longer if someone sees me like this!”

Regardless of their size, Lex hoped that her video would help other women feel more at ease in their own skin.

“You are never alone,” she captioned the clip.

“Everyone experiences occasional feelings of insecurity. You’re f***ing gorgeous!

She continued to support plus-size women by writing in the comments, “[Cheers] to all of us with this shape and normalizing it!”

Her beauty was praised, and viewers thanked her for being so open.

I adore this! The summer months make me feel the most insecure. You look incredible,” one person commented.

“I’m so happy that pеoplе likе you arе lеtting young girls who arе built likе us know that it’s okay. To not bе a sizе 6 is accеptablе. Thank you,” a third pеrson said.

“Honеstly, I fееl so much bеttеr and lеss alonе thе momеnt I rеalizе I’m not thе only pеrson who is “fat.” Particularly lovеly pеoplе likе you,” a third addеd.

She hopes women who look like her will see the video and won't feel alone anymore



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