If Tommy Fury loses to his “delusional” YouTube rival Jake Paul, he promises to stop boxing at the age of 23.


If Tommy Fury loses to the “delusional” Jake Paul, he’ll call it quits as a boxer at the age of 23.

After being forced to withdraw from the grudge match twice due to injury and US visa issues, Fury will finally take on Paul on February 26.


If he loses, he will have to give up his famous fighting last name and retire from boxing, according to his father John and champion brother Tyson.

And Fury acknowledged that boxing is not for him if he cannot defeat YouTuber-turned-fighter Paul.

When asked on talkSPORT if he would give up after losing, he responded, “Yes, absolutely. Definitely.

“I don’t belong in the ring if I can’t defeat Jake Paul.”

Paul, 26, enters the fight with a perfect record. In October, he defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva on points.

And in the previous two years, he defeated Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren via knockout.

But 23-year-old Fury will be his first opponent with a well-known boxing history.

And the 2019 Love Island contestant didn’t seem intimidated by the authority Paul wields.



Fury declared: “To be honest, if he caught me, I’d probably just laugh.

“What’s Jakе Paul, a littlе kid from Disnеy, going to do? I’vе bееn usеd to bеing hit by hеavywеights and Olympic gold mеdalists, world champions, and whatеvеr.

I’ll put my hands up and lеt him tее off at mе likе a fivе-yеar-old is hitting mе, saying, “I’ll lеt him hit mе, I’m not intеrеstеd.”

Paul and Fury ahead of their fight



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