If you can solve this brainteaser and locate the girl within eight seconds, you might set a record.

If you succeed in finding the girl in this challenging brainteaser within eight seconds, YOU might be able to claim the title of record holder.

A spring-themed image with daffodils and fields contains the baby animal.


Field Good Contacts created an optical illusion that is very challenging to decipher because the chick is hidden among the petals.

As viewers scan the rows of daffodils, they will notice that the animal has blended in perfectly.

The animal should be visible to viewers with keen eyes near the flowers.

According to Heart, viewers who are particularly quick can reportedly find the animal in just eight seconds as opposed to the typical 43 seconds.

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If you are having trouble locating the chick, focus your attention on the sizable tree in the foreground.

Another mind-bendingly challenging puzzle depicts a fish concealed among polar bears and snowflakes in a winter scene.

The bears are dressed in sweaters and hats, making the design appear cute, but viewers shouldn’t be deceived because the puzzle is incredibly challenging.

The fish is extremely elusive, so you must search carefully to find it.

Anyone who finds the fish in less than 15 seconds can claim to have broken the record.

If you’re having trouble, look in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture.

The fish’s tail may be visible protruding from a rather sizable snowflake.

The bear, who is donning a yellow sweater, is close to the fish.

Meanwhile, those who enjoy brainteasers have been stumped by their inability to identify the cunning being with blue eyes in a timely manner.

Among the many creatures, one stands out as the only one without brown eyes.

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The clever minds behind the puzzle, Book an Eye Test, claim that it takes an average of 1 minute, 13 seconds to solve.

Hоwever, оne quick player was able tо distinguish the special fоx frоm its rivals in under 25 secоnds.

The chick is hiding near the large tree


You could be able to call yourself a record holder if you find this hidden fish within 15 seconds


Can you find the blue-eyed fox?


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