If you can spot the tiger poised to pounce in this optical illusion in just five seconds, you have the eyes of a hunter.


A killer cat is hidden in this snowy environment, but can you find it in five seconds?

In this bizarre optical illusion, the deadly tiger is poised to strike.


In spite of the sun shining down on the snowy scene, this cunning cat has been able to blend in on a snowy slope.

These amazing pictures, taken by 66-year-old photographer Ingo Gerlach, show the Serbian tiger concealed behind the colorful trees.

These images were captured by German graphic designer Ingo from Betzdorf while touring a bear park in Orsa, Sweden.

The tiger strolled around the sizable outdoor space before taking a seat high on the slope, he claimed. It was hardly ever found.

The ferocious cat sneakily hides just out of view, leaving people online scratching their heads over this perplexing puzzle.

You have very good eyesight if you can find the tiger in five seconds or less.

We’re challenging you to try this optical game, but it might be more difficult than you anticipate.

Optical illusions are becoming a common type of daily puzzle and are a great way to get your mind to think strategically.

Why not take some time to investigate further and to think outside of the box—or rather, inside the box.

Didn’t manage to find it in time? 

Why not attempt to identify the two young owls in this perplexing illusion.

If you can find thе lеopard hiddеn in this Saharan scеnе, you might havе thе еyеs of a hawk if you prеfеr to spot frightеning crеaturеs.

The tiger looks ready to pounce behind the snowy trees


The photos were captioned in Sweden by graphic designer, Ingo Gerlach


The tiger stalked through the snowy setting under the sun



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