I’m a 48-year-old cougar who gets trolled for it, but young men still want to be my cubs because I’m hot as hell.


As this 48-year-old cougar has recently revealed, there are many younger men who would give anything to be her cubs.

Tara (@tara26000016), a user from the United States who uses TikTok, is no stranger to admirers who hope to win her heart. provided that they are still young.


The nan regularly shares videos of herself dolling busty tops and dresses


Although she occasionally goes out with men her own age, the grandmother of two revealed that she is most attracted to men between the ages of 18 and 28.

The mother frequently posts videos of herself in revealing clothing, and in one she says that she has no desire to date younger men.

Tara said, “I think it’s gonna be a long, long time” when asked when she plans to date someone her own age.

You’re going to have to f*****g kill me if you want to stop me, she continued.

It’s no wonder that she has nearly 845k followers on TikTok; her enviable body and stunning looks attract a lot of attention.

There are probably thousands of people who want to be her cubs, and one hopeless romantic once asked, “Do you want another one?”

Someone else asked: ”Do you want another one?”

“I volunteer as a tribute cub!” a third exclaimed with a chuckle.

Oh, I bet there are a few hundred of us cubs lining up, another guy said.

A sassy cougar recently admitted she had stopped wearing a bra, and men have been lining up to express their gratitude to her for “setting her puppies free.”

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The hipster shared her verdict with her TikTok fan base.

Karen Lee Poter (@karenleepoter), a podcaster and content creator, went bra-free for three days before posting a video to TikTok.

“Day three, no bra,” she said in the video.

“Oh yeah,” a man could be heard raving off camera.

A growing number of women are choosing to go bra-free, and this video was released as part of that trend.

Some women absolutely insist on using boob tape, a makeshift bra alternative, whenever they go out in public.

Still others opt for tops and dresses that feature built-in bust support, thus eliminating the necessity of a bra.

As part of a larger movement to combat ageism in digital spaces, the video was released as well.

Many middle-aged and older women are proclaiming online that they are “cougars.”

This movement is correcting outdated ideas about the decline of women’s sexuality and sense of style with age.

Many appreciators of the video provided feedback in the comments.

Karen’s TikTok post was applauded by many supporters of her “ban the bra” movement.

The word “gorgeous” was used by one reader. “You brightened my day; I appreciate it.”

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“Set the puppies free,” another added.

“Very nice,” a third commented.


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