I’m a beauty expert, and I tried a popular mascara hack that felt strange but made my lashes look floppy.


A BEAUTY guru tried out a popular mascara hack, and even though she said it felt strange, her eyelashes turned out amazing.

Because several beauty enthusiasts who tried got such great results, TikTokers have grown curious about whether this straightforward adjustment could improve the appearance of even a cheap mascara.

Katie tried a viral makeup trend that goes back generations of internet


At first, she said it felt ' so wrong'


In her most recent makeup video on TikTok, Katie of the @katiehub.org account said, “Today I’m going to try an old viral mascara hack.”

Katie continued, mimicking her narration, “basically, you go like this, and then you swipe them up,” she said, sweeping the mascara wand over her lashes in a sideways motion.

Katie had a change of heart after expressing some resistance and saying that the procedure felt “so wrong.”

She finally gave in to the old beauty trick and said of her lengthened and thickened lashes, “They look so fluffy.”

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“I’m definitely going to incorporate this into my mascara routine.”

Users requested even more in-depth analyses of the internet beauty wives’ tale in the comments.

When asked if they would “try this with a bad mascara to see if it makes it look better,” one TikToker replied, “sure.”

Another person expressed skepticism about the tactic and admitted, “I feel this only works well if [you] have long lashes.”

Anothеr commеntеr sharеd thеir own triеd-and-truе analysis of thе trick. I’vе bееn doing that for morе than a yеar, and I’vе nеvеr fеlt prеttiеr, thеy claimеd.

A bonus mascara hack was hiddеn in thе commеnts.

Onе thing I do to makе my lashеs appеar longеr is to apply mascara to both sidеs of my lashеs instеad of just thе bottom sidе, a vidеo viеwеr said.


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