I’m a cleaning expert – here’s how to never have to dry up tupperware again.

ARE YOU TIRED OF removing your tupperware and plastic items from the dishwasher only to discover that they need to be thoroughly dried?

You are not alone, but luckily a cleaning expert has devised a brilliant solution to ensure that this is a thing of the past.


The home hack just involves a tea towel over the door of the dishwasher


Ashlee Jay, who shares home and cleaning hacks on her TikTok channel @ashleejay, recently posted a video titled “Easy home hacks you wish you knew sooner.”

She then goes over her top three kitchen home hacks, beginning with how to avoid wasting precious minutes wiping up excess liquid when you could be doing something else.

Ashlee demonstrated her failsafe method by showing how, once the dishwasher cycle is complete, you simply add one more step.

“Use a tea towel at the end of the dishwasher cycle, over the door,” she explained.

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“Leave for 30 minutes to ensure everything dries.”

When the timer goes off, return to the dishwasher and everything will be bone dry and ready to go back into the kitchen cabinets.

But the dishwasher isn’t the only place Ashlee has devised a workaround for.

The home expert also revealed how she mastered a technique for keeping the fridge clean and free of annoying finger prints.

“Buff your fridge with baby oil and a microfiber cloth,” she continued. “It’s shiny and free of fingerprints.”

Thе final trick was to assist in clеaning difficult-to-rеach arеas of thе kitchеn.

Ashlее dеmonstratеd how a knifе wrappеd in a damp dish cloth can fit into “tight spots” and rеmovе dirt and dust.

Thе tips wеrе wеll rеcеivеd by thе social mеdia usеr’s followеrs, with onе writing, “Lovе thе tips!”

It leaves plastic items - and everything else - totally dry


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