I’m a country girl, and when I dress up, people tell me I’m “gorgeous” and ask me to be their wife.


A FARM girl’s rustic aesthetic on social media has attracted a ton of male admirers.

On TikTok, Jaid Kenzie is well known for showcasing her fashionable attire.


She encouraged them to keep up the compliments in one of her recent videos


They frequently include some of the most popular country fashion trends.

But the influencer addressed all the men her social media presence had drawn in her most recent video.

Kenzie mouthed, over a clip of a song by the funk band Tank and the Bangas, “This boy in my DMs say I’m pretty.”

The TikToker captioned the video, “Ain’t that nice,”

I’m a blonde country girl - people love my twist on a little black dress
I'm a country girl - people are speechless when my cowgirl friends and I dress up

Her supporters seized the opportunity and continued to compliment her.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” one commenter said.

Another person exclaimed, “Wow let me take you on a date and wife you up!”

He continued, “I’ll spoil you and buy you cows and horses!”


Kenzie has posted videos of farm life even though the majority of her videos only show her posing, frequently in front of a wall covered in her sizable collection of cowboy hats.

In one, she flaunts a miniature black bull known as Ferdinand, or Ferdy.

“Two cuties,” one commenter said.

“I need to move out of the city,” said another.

Kezie is also making a lot of effort to monetize her expertise in social media.

She currently runs a storefront on Amazon where she earns commissions for promoting a variety of western-themed products.

Thе storе sеlls traditional farm accеssoriеs likе cowboy hats and еlaboratе lеathеr bеlts, but Kеnziе also sеlls ornatе jеwеlry and rustic-looking storagе itеms onlinе.

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During thе day, this farm girl covеrs hеr body with baggy work attirе, but on TikTok, hеr fans adorе how shе appеars aftеr hours.

Anothеr cowgirl discussеd thе four staplе outfits of thе movеmеnt on thе platform.


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