I’m a female dairy farmer who enjoys dancing in my lambing shed. People have referred to me as an “angel” and encouraged me to “keep up the good work.”


While working as a dairy farmer, a FEMALE captivated viewers with her beauty and dance moves.

People were praising the content creator and encouraging her to “keep up the good work,” calling her an angel.


She shared a video of her dancing in her farm's lambing shed on the platform


Dairy farmer and content creator Lara Kinloch (@larakinloch_4) enjoys sharing amusing aspects of her life online.

You can catch her dancing it up in the lambing shed when she’s not out with her friends.

The brunette beauty revealed her “lambing shed boogies” in a TikTok video, as stated in the caption.

The eccentric woman displayed her workplace and distinctive personality.

I’m a female farmer - I make it look ‘sexy’ when I dance on my tractor
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She entered the frame at the beginning of the video while sporting a black, sleeveless tank top and a pair of high-waisted, blue jeans.

The video’s most eye-catching element wasn’t the straightforward but fashionable outfit.

The farm animals that could be seen behind the farmer’s daughter were not it either.

Kinloch took the stage and quickly performed a dance move, swaying her hips and arms.

Many of the audience members were moved by her optimistic outlook.

One TikTok user wrote, “Wouldn’t mind being in that shed with you.”

Hello, my Angel. Another person commented, “You are looking fantastic.

One admirer said, “Very fresh for being in a lambing shed.”

“Keep up the great work Buddy,” an admirer wrote.

People called her an 'angel and said to 'keep up the good work'



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