I’m a fishing country girl, and people tell me I’d make the ideal wife because I catch, clean, and cook my own dinner.


A COUNTRY girl who enjoys fishing has shared the specific characteristics that many men find attractive in a potential wife.

The creator of the content revealed how many people have dubbed her the ideal wife because she can catch, clean, and cook her own dinner.


Country girl through and through, Rain Outdoors @rainoutdoors is a TikTok user.

She enjoys hobbies like hunting, archery, and, above all, fishing in addition to wearing camouflage clothing.

The creator of the content is so skilled that she cooks, catches, and cleans all of her own food.

She gave viewers a glimpse of her excitement over her recent catch in a TikTok video.

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The woman with dark hair and army green beanie stood outside in the woods at the beginning of the video dressed in a camouflage hunting suit.

She spoke proudly to the camera while proudly holding a sizable catfish in her hands.

Hey everyone. How are you all? How about your mother and that little cow?” she asked. It’s going to be terrible filets tonight, doggone it.

Her lighthearted and entertaining video was a huge hit, and many viewers commented on it.

“The perfect wife,” one viewer commented.

“What time is dinner?” another fan asked.

Country cuisine. Nothing but the best!,” exclaimed another.

You clean it up and catch it. God bless you,” chimed in a fan.

The TikTok user shared that she caught a catfish for dinner in a viral video


People said she was the perfect wife after watching the TikTok



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