I’m a gardening expert, and I’ve discovered that a popular soft drink is the key to permanently eradicating pests.

A GARDENING expert has revealed a simple hack that uses a popular soft drink to rid gardens of bugs.

Spraying your plants with Coca-Cola, a low-cost alternative to pesticides, will keep your yard pest-free.


Spraying your plants with Coca Cola is much cheaper than purchasing pesticides


While sugar and caffeine do not kill bugs, they do attract ants, who eat pest species larvae without harming the plants.

Watering your garden first thing in the morning allows water or Coca-Cola to soak deeply into the soil and evaporates quickly.

“Avoid watering in the evening unless you have a drip irrigation system,” says Melanie of Factory Direct Hose, a gardening supply company.

“When plants are watered in the evening, they often stay wet all night, which promotes plant disease.”

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While substituting Coca-Cola for pesticides may save you money, there are more practical hacks available.

If you don’t want to use harsh chemicals in your garden, make your own insecticidal soap from scratch.

One cup of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of pure oil, and unscented dish soap, according to Derek Gaughan of Pittsburgh’s Prince Gardening.

Gaughan then adds two teaspoons of this mixture to every cup of water in his spray bottle and shakes it up.

Aphids and spider mites, two pests that can completely devastate a garden, respond well to this mixture.

The introduction of natural predators, such as birds and ladybugs, is another 100% natural way of keeping pests away from your plants.

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Ladybugs keep aphids and disease at bay, while birds consume a variety of pests such as caterpillars, slugs, and aphids.

If you want to attract birds to your garden, make sure you leave birdseed and a place for them to bathe.

Meanwhile, instead of spending money on weed-blocking cloth, you can use old newspapers to do the job.

Apply the newspaper to any area that is prone to weeds and keep it in place with dirt, rocks, or grass clippings.

Over time, the newspaper will stifle the weeds.

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