I’m a girl who used to work at Hooters and is now in the military.


Formerly employed at HOOTERS, one of the staff members has taken to the skies and is now a military pilot.

However, the waitress recalls fondly her time working at the restaurant chain.


In a video posted to her Instagram account, Chelsea (@chelsizzzle222) talked about how much she missed Hooters.

She relaxed with a cup of coffee as her past resurfaced.

“I went from being a Hooters girl to a member of the military, but I still call my coworkers’sis’ and ‘queen,'” she reflected on the office sisterhood.

And telling them sh*t like ‘you ate that up’ and’slay’ at work to never forget my roots,” she said, explaining that as a woman, she has fully embraced the Hooters culture and brought it to her new workplace.

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“And that’s on periodt.”

People took to the comments to show their support.

The situation was seen as hilarious by other Hooters servers who had made a similar career change.

We’re going “from hoot to salute,” one user commented.

“I did the same thing!” said another.

Despite enlisting in the Air Force, I was able to keep my job at Hooters. Which job actually paid the bills is common knowledge.

“Girl i still bartend while being active & it’s so hard not calling everyone babe on base lmfaooo,” agreed a third.

She explained that she's bringing her Hooters culture to work



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