I’m a huge fan of Subway, so if you know where to look, you can use my summer coupon tip to save money on a hot product.

How to use discount codes to save money on your preferred sandwiches was described by a SUBWAY fan.

In light of rising inflation, The Deal Guy, a bargain hunter, has shared a number of tips that fast food lovers can use this summer.


The Deal Guy revealed how he took advantage of coupons


He claimed that summer savings were possible with available discount codes.

When purchasing two footlong sandwiches, customers can benefit from Subway’s buy one, get one free promotion.

The two 12-inch Subway Club sandwiches that The Deal Guy ordered cost a total of just over $10 despite being normally priced at over $20.

Additionally, hungry diners can use the promo code 15OFF to save 15% on a foot-long sandwich.

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Fans advise checking with your neighborhood Subway location as not all restaurants may be taking advantage of the promotion.

How customers can get the most for their money has been revealed by employees.

Milad Mirg, a subway worker with more than three million YouTube subscribers, has revealed tips that users may want to use.

In a recent video, Mirg said that customers can add as many vegetables as they like to their sandwiches.

Additionally, the employee offered advice on how to maximize customers’ purchases.

Raj, a devotee of fast food, exclusively revealed to The Sun how he manages to save hundreds of dollars each month.

He claims that as part of their marketing campaigns, restaurants send him emails with offers.

“The footlong buy one, get one free footlong [at Subway] is the big one I get when I use [it] frequently,” he said.

“That will save you at least $8 per trip.”

And pricelesstay, a Tiktoker, revealed her own subway secrets in a video.

She urged customers to take advantage of the rewards program and any new offers they might receive.

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Hоwever, a Subway emplоyee criticized custоmers whо оpted tо оrder the stоre’s well-knоwn cооkies.

Additiоnally, a staff member mentiоned that if a custоmer is playing оn their phоne rather than paying attentiоn, they may оccasiоnally оrder the wrоng sandwich.

Subway workers have shared tips on how customers can get bang for their buck


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