I’m a lazy DIY mom, so here’s how to transform your kitchen for $20 while keeping it suitable for renting.

It need not be extremely expensive to spruce up the appearance of your kitchen.

When it comes to home improvement, Stephanie Bloom, who describes herself as a “lazy DIY mom” on TikTok, has a good idea.


She reveals how easy it is to use the lights she found on Amazon


Her Amazon purchase makes her kitchen appear fancier than it did in her TikTok video.

“These will significantly increase the cost of a kitchen… for not much money,” she exclaims.

Stephanie closes in on light-equipped peel-and-stick magnet strips that can be installed anywhere in your kitchen.

They are replaceable when you move, and they are rechargeable, she adds.

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No batteries. Just charge them and return them!

She explains that since the lights are controlled by a remote, you can operate them from any location within your kitchen.

“The most exciting part is just how amazing the light is,” Stephanie concludes the video. It is flawless and does not resemble an LED.

On Amazon, a wireless under-cabinet light costs $19.99.

Her Amazon find has garnered a lot of admiring comments from readers.

“Woah,” said one person. This would be useful in my dim linen closet, I think.

“I have the motion-activated one in my pantry, which I love, and I had to recharge it for the first time after three weeks,” Stephanie said in response.

When my children were infants, these would have been perfect for late-night feedings! I adore them,” a second person said.

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Do you know how long they hold a charge? a different person in her comment section inquired.

They last weeks for me, Stephanie retorted. Of course, it depends on how much you run them.

Stephanie shows off how bright the lights in her kitchen shine


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