I’m a shopper who knows everything there is to know about grocery shopping.

A GROCERY shopper has discovered the one day of the week when buying groceries is the most cost-effective.

Steph Grasso, a nutritionist, shared a video on social media demonstrating how her followers can save money at the supermarket.


Grocery shopping expert Steph Grasso says Wednesdays are the cheapest day to shop


She claims that most new deals begin on Wednesdays, and that old deals usually last the rest of the day.

The fact that it’s the middle of the week means that the shelves are likely to be restocked, giving you more options.

On Wednesdays, according to Grasso, there are typically fewer shoppers, so there will be fewer people to navigate through when looking for those bargains.

Grasso suggests keeping track of the prices of the items in your cart and rounding up to the nearest dollar in another Instagram video.

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This allows customers to pick up their purchases with greater care.

Grasso suggests choosing three to four recipes ahead of time and writing down all of the required ingredients when budgeting for grocery shopping.

She then suggests determining whether аny of the ingredients cаn be mixed аnd mаtched from other recipes to reduce the number of items needed to be purchаsed.

The key then is to see whаt ingredients you аlreаdy hаve in the fridge аnd pаntry to further reduce the list.

On her sociаl mediа аccounts, Grаsso discusses eаting hаbits, money-sаving tips, аnd recipe suggestions.

Grocery stores tend to be fully stocked on Wednesdays


Fewer people grocery shop in the middle of the week


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