I’m an expert in skincare, and these two anti-aging products under $100 will start working within a week.

A TIKTOKER has revealed to her followers how to get effective anti-aging results quickly using some of her go-to skincare products.

One of the items even has multiple uses, and both are under $100.


While she has an extensive collection, Chang chose products under $100, including the $64 Charlotte Tilbury Moisturizer


Amy Chang, a TikTok user known as @bondenavant, is a skincare influencer who recently shared some of her favorite anti-aging products with her followers.

She chose less expensive products, each costing well under $100, in addition to the ones she claims to work quickly.

Her first pick is a $64 miracle moisturizer.

She explained that the Charlotte Tilbury Moisturizer has 8,000 reviews and a 4.7 rating on Sephora because it is so excellent.

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“It contains some Vitamin C to brighten and some Vitamin A to soothe, but what really gives it the super silky slippery texture that smoothes fine lines and locks in moisture is the combination of lightweight silicones and shea butter.

The product, according to Chang, “doubles as a makeup primer” and is so effective against wrinkles that “literally makes my pores and fine lines disappear.”

The $41 No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Boosting Serum, which “works really great for deeper lines,” is another product she adores.

The SkinTok celebrity claims that after five nights, her laugh lines are looking good.

Although I don’t have wrinkles on my forehead or eyes, studies have shown that it reduces them after just two weeks.

Dr., a plastic surgeon Koo noted Chang’s use of language in the remarks.

Dr. “Instantly?! ” remarked Koo. Sounds like magic,” she said, placing a side-eye emoji next to her statement.

Chang replied, “Should have used ‘quickly,'” correcting herself.

Another viewer mentioned that they use the Charlotte Tilbury Moisturizer for yet another purpose in addition to using it as a makeup primer.

“For my hands, I use Charlotte Tilbury. best,” they declared.

Chang said, “She bougie, and I love it,” endorsing the decision of the skincare enthusiast.

Another user was hesitant to use a cream from a makeup company like this.

The TikTok user claimed, “My skin had so many breakouts using this cream – not for me, plus I don’t trust skincare from a makeup company.”

Although SkinToker Chang admitted she initially had the same doubts, her skin didn’t lie.

“At first, I felt like that…. But my skin loves this cream,” she gushed about the product.

One commenter suggested a well-known drugstore brand when it comes to cheaper dupes.

Why are you paying 64 dollars for a cream that is nearly identical to Nivea, they questioned.

No other beauty enthusiasts, however, have endorsed Nivea as a worthy alternative to the legendary Charlotte Tilbury cream.

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The simple anti-aging method that one dermatologist swears by was previously covered by The US Sun.

Here, an esthetician listed her top three skincare picks.

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