I’m anti-bra because I just wore a black one and it’s been aeons since I’ve seen the girlies that high.


A WOMAN who stopped wearing a bra for a long time is considering doing so again.

She still considers herself a member of the “no bra club,” but a recent experience with lingerie gave her second thoughts.


But she has been tempted to start wearing one again


Her beliefs were severely tested after she once again started using a bra for a formal event.

Abby Bible, better known as @theabbybible on TikTok, told her 176,000 followers about her underwear predicament.

The New Yorker, who calls herself an “unapologetic fat gal and fashion lover” on her site, made her feelings about the issue crystal clear.

It’s tempting, but I won’t get back on the bra train,” she said.

I wore a green bra as a top for St. Patrick’s Day, guys say ‘Irish I was there’
I’m in the ‘no bra club’ - people judge me but I’m just minding my own business

She was wearing a black bra with a satin-like finish and appeared shocked and awed by how much support it provided.

They hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

Her admission: “Yo, I haven’t worn a real bra since before the pandemic” was followed by the statement, “and I will forever stand by the fact that they suck.”

Although she clearly did not enjoy wearing a bra, Abby did admit that there were advantages.

“But damn, I haven’t seen the girls this high and for forever,” she exclaimed.

Abby, a dedicated member of the no-bra brigade, admitted that the bra gave her a boost, saying, “So this is what it’s like not to have saggy titties.”

While most of the comments on her post agreed with her, a few fans urged her to resist the comfort of a bra.

Some viewers, like one who said, “I’m fully on the’special occasions only’ bra train now and sometimes and the special occasion is that I want them sitting,” may have been inspired to adopt the “occasions only” policy.

Somebody else chimed in to offer encouragement: “Don’t come back. I need to leave but I have nothing to wear that makes me feel secure.

She hasn't worn a bra since the pandemic



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