I’m not going to lie, I feel like a cougar now that I’m past my 20s and men still find me attractive.


This sassy cougar is confident despite the fact that she is no longer 20, because she has been told repeatedly by men that she is beautiful.

Many people, regardless of their chronological age, insist on maintaining a positive body image.


Cougar, as @Desertstr71 describes herself on TikTok, is one such user.

The stunning blond published a video of herself in which she looked absolutely stunning in various poses.

Music by Bebe Rexha, “Not 20 Anymore,” plays in the background.

Don’t try to make me feel insecure, the song goes: “I get better with time, yes, I do, just like wine.”

I’m a cougar over 60 and I want to ‘ban the bra’ - men say I’ve ‘made their day’
I’m a cougar, people say Karens will come for me for losing my bra in the frozen aisle

The song’s message was echoed by several commenters.

“Wow,” wrote one person with a heart emoji.

Another wrote: “Loooking [sic] gorgeous.”

“Beautiful,” wrote a third person.

However, a redheaded cougar claims that, when she drops off her children at school, people often make comparisons to Stiffler’s mother from the movie American Pie.

The stunning woman behind the TikTok handle @gingercoog has amassed a large fan base with her lighthearted videos celebrating motherhood.

The young ‘cougar’ even posted a video of herself lip-syncing in the driver’s seat.

Have a good time, kids! she mumbled. I’m just going to hang out here and listen to music.

The song abruptly changes to the words to $uicideboy$’s smash hit, Carrollton.

In time with the music, @gingercoog pumps her fist and bobs her head.

She included #cougartok and #hotmom in the caption.

Her comments were filled with people complimenting her



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