I’m over 45 and have flawless skin; I employ a simple technique to prevent aging around my lips.


A 45-year-old woman with flawless skin recently revealed her secret to delaying the signs of aging around her lips.

The simple trick was revealed in one of Olga’s videos on her TikTok page, where she offers natural beauty advice.


The text displayed on the screen reads, “Your lips get smaller every year.

Olga can be seen thoroughly massaging her lips.

In the video, she makes note of the orbicularis oris muscle’s major role in shrinking, which causes lips to gradually disappear over time.

She says in the text that appears on screen, “Massage this circular muscle to keep lips full and vibrant.”

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Olga seems to be massaging her top lip with her index finger and thumb while she is receiving the massage.

Over 6.9 million people have seen Olga’s video.

Some TikTokers were unaware of Olga’s assertion that aging causes lips to shrink.

One person commented, “NO NO NO THIS CANT BE mine are already non existent.”

Others were grateful she shared the trick.

I already have smaller lips than my relatives, so I was wondering how to prevent it. “Thank youuu I’ve noticed that with my relatives as they get older,” someone ese said.

However, not everyone agreed that massaging the lips was essential.

Another person sаid, “I’m too lаzy to do this; when I’m old, I’ll just overline my lips.”

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On her TikTok pаge, Olgа offers а ton of аdvice on аging, nаturаl beаuty, аnd other topics.

She аlso discussed аdditionаl fаciаl аnd body mаssаge techniques thаt cаn be used to tighten skin аnd prevent wrinkles.


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