Imogen Grace is who? The OnlyFans star who earns thousands is adored for her mismatched boobs


Imogen Grace is a content producer for the well-known sex workers website Only Fans. She has a mismatched chest, and her followers adore her for embracing her outlandish appearance.

The model first gained notoriety when she started modeling on webcams at the age of 19. Later, to grow her audience, she joined social media platforms TikTok and Only Fans.

Imogen currently has more than 46,000 TikTok followers and more than twice that number on her Only Fans page.

Model for OnlyFans lives out her dream of being a rally driver with the money she earns.

But how did Imogen Grace become well-known on social media, and who is she? Here is all the information you require.

Who is Imogen Grace?

Imogen Grace

Imogen Grace is a well-known social media personality and maker of adult content who gained notoriety for having oddly shaped breasts.

At the age of 19, she started modeling for webcams and became known for her boobs. She shot to fame when she joined TikTok during the first UK lockdown.

Imogen Grace is well-known for her breasts, but she is also known for her sense of humor. She calls herself “The Queen of Odd Baps” and frequently shares amusing videos on TikTok about her various sized boobs.

Why are Imogen Grace’s boobs different sizes?

Imogen Grace

Following puberty, the now 26-year-old noticed that one of her boobs was expanding more quickly than the other.

Imogen stated, “My boobs came in quite early when I went through puberty, and I was only 11 at the time. My boobs were bigger than everyone else’s when I was in eighth grade, but one of them was noticeably bigger.

“I told my mother when I was in my senior year of high school, and she took me to the doctor. They weren’t at all shocked. They simply stated that I would get used to it but to return at age 18 if I hadn’t so I could have surgery.

Imogen was given the option of having surgery on the NHS to even them out when she turned 18 but declined because she preferred her natural breasts.

“I went back at 18 because I hadn’t grown into it, and they put me through reconstructive surgery for my boobs so they could even them out,” Imogen continued. But I later confessed to my mother that I didn’t want surgery.

“I felt like I didn’t want surgery, I just didn’t feel like the size difference was bothering me,” the patient said.

What is Imogen Grace’s bra size?

Imogen Grace

Imogen has previously admitted that she doesn’t know the cup size of her smaller breast but that she wears a 38H bra to support her larger breast.

She explained: “I don’t know what cup size my smaller boob is because they measure your entire bust when you get measured for a bra. It is not necessary to measure each boob separately.

“I used to use ‘chicken fillets’ to close the gap by my smaller boob, and I’ve used socks, but now I don’t use anything,” the woman said. It’s not unpleasant. Maybe I’ve just become accustomed to it because it seems commonplace to me.

Has Imogen Grace been trolled over her boobs?

Imogen Grace

Even though Imogen calls herself the “odd baps” queen, she has previously admitted that her mismatched boobs have been the target of online trolls.

“Since I started on TikTok, my OnlyFans have increased dramatically,” she said. My subscriber count increased from 250 to just under 10,000 after one of my videos received 3.5 million views. My boobs are a topic of discussion for everyone. I do receive a lot of negative feedback, but I just scroll past it. In the worst case, I will block them.

“People do think it offends me because I respond to their comments with responses from girls and boys, but it doesn’t affect me the way they think. My feelings are unaffected; it’s just funny.

Girls have contacted me to say that they had the same boobs as me and that it had bothered them so much that they had to have surgery. That has never happened to me.

Imogen also stated that she “will be doing it for a good few years to come” and that she has no plans to stop posting content on OnlyFans.

How much does Imogen Grace make from OnlyFans?

Imogen Grace

By selling subscriptions and extra content to subscribers on the platform, OnlyFans content creators can earn sizable sums of money.

Currently, Imogen charges £11.29 per month for subscriptions on her platform.

When she eventually reaches 10,000 subscribers, she will be making at least £112,900 per month just from subscriptions.



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