In a heated exchange between Niall Horan and Blake Shelton, the teen sensation on The Voice, Horan yells that he and Shelton will “come to blows.”


Tonight on The Voice, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton were so close to fighting that it was almost embarrassing.

In a heated argument, two vocal coaches went to each other’s extremes for the sake of one contestant.


When Blake Shelton showed the same interest, Niall threatened him


At 15 years old, Ryley Tate Wilson performed Calum Scott’s “Dancing On My Own” on Monday’s episode of The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson swiveled around in her chair almost as soon as the Montgomery, Alabama native began singing the melancholy tune.

Moments later, Niall smashed his button as well.

Both Blake and Chance the Rapper eventually called, giving Ryley a rare four-seater.

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That’s when the bargaining began.


When Niall tried to recruit the young man, he nearly jumped out of his chair with excitement.

“Ryley, my head nearly exploded,” the Heaven singer sobbed. That was, without a doubt, the most impressive audition we’ve had so far.

They said, “From the moment you opened your mouth, I could hear the storyteller in you.”

Right away, Blake jumped in with some cunning psychological manipulation.

Blake said dejectedly, “I know I’m the ‘country artist.'” Blake had already written himself off as an outsider, thinking he was a long shot.

The coach then joked, “I’ve been coaching here for 23 seasons, and I’ve won with all kinds of artists. If you choose me as your coach, I will not continue in that role beyond this year.


Whether or not Ryley is on the show, Blake has said for a long time that this will be his last season of The Voice.

But he kept the charade going.

With a definite “I will walk away,” Blake made his intention clear. If I never get another chance to collaborate with you, Ryley, at least I can say that I tried. Select me, and let’s win this thing together.

All four judges were vying for attention at this point, each making an impassioned case for the rising star.

Niall’s finger pointed squarely at Blake, and his rivals went silent.

“Ryley, before you speak, I will go to blows with him, outside in the parking lot,” Niall said. I’m not going to give up now.

Ryley ultimately picked Niall, which will likely inflame the Irish singer’s longstanding feud with Blake.


Audition performances have been well received, but the competition between Blake and Niall has captured the hearts of many viewers.

There has been constant back-and-forth between the two characters since the pilot.

As Blake kept bringing up the fact that this was his last season on the show, Niall imitated his accent and made jokes about it.

In a similar vein, Blake made fun of the ex-One Direction singer’s accent and played down his abilities to his rivals.


Foreshadowing season 23, Blake stated that he would be leaving the show.

The real reason he’s leaving the show was revealed in an interview.

In an interview with Today, he admitted that he had considered quitting the show for a while.

The native Oklahoman explained that he considered leaving, but was worried about putting his loved ones in a difficult position.

The host, 49-year-old Carson Daly, was quoted as saying that he was “close to calling it a day” before the arrival of Covid.

As a result of what happened with Covid, I didn’t want to just abandon the show and leave everyone hanging.

The show has been a game-changer for me. I plan to remain here until things return to a more normal state.

Teenager Ryley Tate Wilson caused a frenzy among the judges


All four judges turned their chairs


Eventually the teen selected Niall to be his coach


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