In a new, potentially dangerous video, Olivia Dunne’s alleged lookalike Breckie Hill responds to comparisons to the LSU star by saying, “I’m up to no good.”


New TikTok video shows BRECKIE Hill “up to no good” after she responds to comparisons to Olivia Dunne.

The internet celebrity has taken aim at LSU’s gymnastics star, Dunne.


The social media star is a rival of LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne


Hill was also insulted by the insinuation that she resembles her rival too closely to be a coincidence.

Hill has posted a new, potentially dangerous video to her social media in which she poses in an unnatural position.

She was lying on her back when she admitted that she was “up to no good” by bringing her feet to her head.

Breckie has recently stated that should she and Olivia ever meet, Breckie would “slap” Olivia.

Dunne and Hill's feud explained after TikTok star said she would 'slap' rival
Breckie Hill fires back at claims she looks like Olivia Dunne and 3 others

The model and TikTok star claims she hates comparisons to Olivia, though it’s not clear why they’re rivals.

In response to the comparisons, she turned to the green screen behind her, where four women stood.

Breckie started off by saying, “I still don’t get how you guys think I look like these four completely different people.

First, there’s Livvy, whom I can partially see.

And then there are those who insist I resemble Jamie Lynn Spears, a comparison I simply don’t see.

Although I’ve heard comparisons to Corinna Kopf, I don’t see any similarities.

“And lastly, I do not see Sarah Cameron.”

Including his TikTok and Instagram accounts, Breckie has over two million followers.

She regularly pleases her followers with glitzy Instagram posts accompanied by witty comments.

She posted a photo of herself this week in which she wore a low-cut white top and knelt on the floor while gazing upward into the camera.

She wrote, “Don’t scroll by without saying hi” in the photo’s caption.

One fan replied: “You’re my new favorite follow.”

A second added: “So so perfecttttt.”

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While a third said: “Breckie>Livvy”

And a fourth commented: “Wifey material.”

Breckie Hill has over two million followers combined on Instagram and TikTok


She claimed she would 'slap' Olivia Dunne if they ever met


Breckie Hill on the red carpet in Los Angeles this week at a movie premiere



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