In a shocking live moment today, Hoda Kotb ‘confesses something she’s never said,’ which leaves Jenna Bush Hager speechless.


After a shocking confession on Monday’s episode of the Today show, HODA Kotb stunned co-host Jenna Bush Hager and the rest of the audience.

This week, the 58-year-old host will reveal something she’s “never said out loud” before.


Jenna Bush Hager was floored after Hoda revealed she's never seen Grease before, just as they were about to play trivia about the movie


On Monday, Hoda and Jenna welcomed several cast members from the upcoming Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies series on Paramount+.

The hosts of Today decided to play a game of trivia based on the original film, dividing everyone into two opposing teams comprised of TV personalities.

Before they began, Hoda admitted that she was at a disadvantage and that the only reason she was about to reveal something she had never revealed before was because of this disadvantage.

“I’m going to say something on air right now that I’ve never said before,” the host began.

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Hoda threatens to spill Savannah's secret live on Today

Jenna, her co-star, was intrigued and wanted to know more about it.

I’ve never seen Grease,” Hoda confessed. My apologies!

Everyone let out a collective “Oh my god” or “Get out!”

After that, Jenna made a contrary confession.

“I’ll admit something,” she said. 244 times, to be exact!

After Hoda revealed her own secret on Monday, Savannah Guthrie felt compelled to do the same on Tuesday.

The co-hosts of NBC’s flagship Today show sat together on the couch during Tuesday’s POPStart segment.

As usual, Carson Daly was in charge, but this time he had company.

Nick Lachey joined them for conversation as they prepped for the Love is Blind season four reunion show.

The ex-boyband member and his now-wife Vanessa Lachey co-host the show.

Hoda revealed one of Savannah’s secrets to Nick after they had talked for a while.

When asked who on the couch was a huge fan of the show, she revealed, “You should know that there is one person who is especially crazy about this show.”

Savannah smiled, ducked her head, and put up her hand.

“I confess!” she yelled.

Savannah seemed genuinely thrilled to be able to discuss the live reunion and the show’s premise.

They’re able to connect on an emotional level. The series explores the question, “Is love blind?” as she put it. “Or is it just about how you look?”

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Savannah said to Nick after they finished the interview, “I’ll be watching Nick.”

“Yes you will,” her co-hosts shouted.

The following day, Hoda teased that she was about to reveal one of co-host Savannah Guthrie's secrets on the morning show


This got Savannah to shout 'I confess' and reveal the secret herself – which is that she loves Love is Blind



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