In a shocking video, Joy-Anna Duggar reveals that she has decided to defy her father Jim Bob’s strict dress code by wearing a shade over her head.


In a video about her wardrobe, JOY-ANNA Duggar disproved of Jim Bob’s moral standards.

The Counting On star candidly discussed her epiphany that, contrary to popular belief, pants are not immodest.


The star juggled fielding questions with building furniture for her kids' closet


Joy-Anna published a video to YouTube yesterday in which she addressed some of her followers’ most pressing concerns.

The mother of two young children (Gideon, age 5, and Evelyn, age 2) posed for questions between videos of herself arranging furniture in the shared closet.

In a black v-neck top that clung closely to her growing baby bump, the busy mother looked casual and comfortable throughout filming.

Joy-Anna and her husband Austin welcomed their third child, a son, in February after announcing their pregnancy in October of last year.

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She decided to address the question, “What made you decide to wear pants and jeans?” during the session.

Joy-Anna paused for a moment before answering, “Austin and I prayed about this for a long time, and I think we had the first conversation within the first year of our marriage.”

Three to four years of “studying and reading the Bible and digging in deep,” she said, was part of their journey.

She continued, “Honestly, I’d always worn skirts my whole life, and so for me I wasn’t in a rush.

Following this, the TLC star stated definitively, “So really the last year we prayed about it and felt like there wasn’t anything in scripture – there isn’t anything in scripture that’s black and white on dress.

It emphasizes the importance of dressing modestly, but I believe that it is possible to do so while still wearing pants.

After much prayer and consideration, Joy-Anna, 25, said, “I think basically we just looked through scripture for a long time and feel like this is okay for our family and where we are.”


Joy-Anna was raised in a strict Christian household under the authority of patriarch Jim Bob Duggar.

Women weren’t allowed to wear low-cut tops or short skirts, so long skirts and long-sleeved tops were the norm in the Duggar household.

His female offspring followed the family’s strict dress code, which forbade them to wear skintight clothing or expose too much skin, so they resorted to wearing skirts.

Some of the advice even suggested they abstain from things like social media, modern media, and even frontal embraces.

Joy-Anna has maintained her Christian faith despite her rebellion against her father’s interpretation of the Bible.

She frequently uploads videos to YouTube in which she dresses casually, often in skinny jeans.


Jinger, Joy-Anna’s 29-year-old sister, has written a tell-all book called Becoming Free Indeed about their upbringing in the “cult-like” household of Jim Bob.

Jinger said that her family was surprised by the memoir’s release, but that Joy-Anna was very encouraging.

During a question and answer session with her 1.1 million Instagram followers last year, Joy-Anna finally discussed the novel publicly for the first time.

One fan asked: “Will you read Jinger’s book?”

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“Yes! “I can’t wait to read it,” the mother of two exclaimed.

She included a retro photo of her and her older sister in her response.

Jim Bob Duggar insisted that the woman in his family dressed 'modestly,' which barred pants and jeans from them


Joy-Anna revealed that her praying and studying of scripture showed that the Bible had no clear dress code


The mother-of-two, with a third on the way, said that her current stance was right 'for our family and where we are'



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