In a TikTok video, a couple is seen romping in a photo booth at a shopping mall.


A COUPLE was caught on camera romping in a “photo booth,” which shocked shoppers.

While inside the capsule at Manchester’s Arndale Centre, the couple could be seen with their legs entwined.

A woman and a man were seen inside of the booth together


Security at the Arndale Centre in Manchestser were seen outside of the booth


A woman appeared to be moving inside the booth, which is located next to a vending machine and a kid’s ride in the shopping mall.

The woman’s leg appears to be moving up and down on top of an unidentified man in the footage.

In the video, horrified shoppers can be seen watching the incident unfold before reporting it to staff.

A security guard appears to be approaching the booth in the center in a second piece of footage.

The couple is then seen walking away from the booth while holding hands, with the security guard trailing behind them.

The video was uploaded to TikTok with the caption “not in Arndale photo booth,” and has been viewed over 2 million times.

Some users slаmmed the couple, аsking whаt wаs “wrong with them,” while others defended them, clаiming thаt things аren’t аlwаys аs they seem.

The Sun hаs contаcted the Arndаle for а comment.

The security guard was seen outside of the photo booth


The booth was next to a vending machine and childrens ride



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