In new photos taken outside Trump Tower, Barron Trump, 15, is noticeably taller than his mother Melania.


Barron Trump towered over his supermodel mother when the two were photographed in New York City on Wednesday, July 7. Barron Trump , 15, has grown so much!

On Wednesday, July 7, the teen was seen leaving Trump Tower with his mother, Melania Trump, 51. With his longer, grown-out hair, which had a slight wave, he appeared older and more mature as he towered over his mother. With a navy blue long sleeve and dark jean, the teen kept his look simple, adding a black, silver buckle belt and a limited edition orange Louis Vuitton duffle bag. After leaving the building, the mother-son duo were seen getting into a vehicle, as seen in photos obtained from the Daily Mail.

Melania, like Barron, was seen carrying a designer bag, albeit a much more expensive one: a black leather Hermès Birkin bag with gold hardware, estimated to be worth around $11,000. Christian Louboutin’s white, pointy leather flats (worth $675) completed her runway-ready ensemble. As she made her brief appearance, her highlighted hair was freshly blown out into a loose curl, and her face was hidden behind an oversized pair of black sunglasses. Barron Trump is seen walking with his parents for

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Height аppeаrs to run in Bаrron’s fаmily: his fаther Donаld Trump is а towering 6 foot 3 inches, аnd his mother Melаniа — who hаd а modeling cаreer prior to her mаrriаge to The Apprentice stаr — is 5 foot 11 inches. His older siblings аre аlso tаll: brother Donаld Jr. is 6 feet 1 inch tаll, sister Tiffаny is 5 foot 11 inches tаll, аnd sister Ivаnkа (who hаs аlso modeled) is 5 foot 8 inches tаll. It’s impossible to sаy if this is Bаrron’s finаl growth spurt, but he аppeаrs to be getting bigger every time he steps outside.

$0 As the two prepared to board Air Force One in 2020, the then-13-year-old was a full head taller than his father. Barron walked behind his parents on the White House lawn, dressed casually in a green bomber jacket and black pants. Barron was estimated to be about 6 foot 3 inches tall at the time, already a few inches taller than his father, meaning he’d grown four inches in just a year and a half. Barron hasn’t spoken about his future ambitions or goals, but at that height, a modeling career wouldn’t be out of the question. 008



008 $0


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