In response to customer demand, Aldi has announced that the product in question will be restocked “periodically.”


Fans who have been pleading with Aldi to restock on a certain protein drink can expect to do so soon.

The well-known supermarket chain has just dropped hints that it will replenish its supply of Protein2o this summer.


A pack of four bottles retails at $7.78


If so, I was wondering if you still stocked Protein 2.0. If it were possible, I might try to buy you out. The coconut flavor is my favorite,” a customer tweeted to @ALDIUSA.

“This is in stores periodically as part of our ALDI finds and it looks like it should return this summer!” the store reassured the customer.

What is Protein2o?

According to the company’s website, Protein2o has “all the benefits of protein to fuel your healthy lifestyle” in two forms: refreshing fruit-flavored waters and portable powder packs.

Compared to protein shakes, it has fewer calories and carbohydrates, as the website puts it.

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The protein in the flavored water drink is intended to help with muscle growth after exercise.

It’s a convenient way to speed up the process of gaining muscle between meals, as each bottle contains an impressive 20 grams of protein.

The beverages are offered in eight distinct tastes.

The beverages are priced at $29.98 for a case of 12, or $7.78 for a four-pack.

But with the current sales at Walmart and Amazon, you can get a wide selection of 12-packs for just $19.88.

The protein in the drink is a big selling point because it gives customers what they want quickly.

“I need my @Protein2o fix every afternoon or I go crazy!! “This is my favorite way to increase my protein intake,” tweeted one fan.

“The greatest beverage ever created? Get both your protein and water from @Protein2o. Just try them out for yourself, another customer said on Twitter to dispel any doubts about the quality of the product.

You can also buy the powder and mix it yourself; a pack of 20 sachets, each containing 20 grams of protein, costs $30 on Amazon and $32.99 at Walmart.

What products are getting shelved?

This is great news for Protein2o devotees, but unfortunately, there are a plethora of other retailers pulling their products from shelves permanently.

It has been confirmed by Kroger that the supermarket chain has discontinued seven items, including snacks and drinks that many customers hold dear, The United States of America Today reports. today’s reports show.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Aldi will no longer carry one of its most sought-after and practical toiletries.

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