In sweet photos, Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife and Michael Jordan’s son make audacious Valentine’s Day commitments.


Larsa Pippen and MARCUS Jordan appear to be infatuated with one another.

Since September, the ex-wife of fellow NBA Hall of Famer Scottie and the eldest son of NBA legend Michael have been dating.


She shared a snap of the two from a sun-soaked beach trip


In honor of their first Valentine’s Day together, Jordan, 32, shared a picture of the 48-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star holding two bouquets of flowers on Instagram.

“Three words, 8 letters [heart and star emojis]” was the caption for the picture.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe [rose emoji] [heart-on-fire emoji]

Pippen also uploaded a sweet photo of the pair enjoying a beautiful beach together, along with the caption, “My forever Valentine [heart emoji].”

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Jordan replied, “4eva [heart on fire emoji],” in response.

Considering that they only started posting photos of each other this year, the couple has been keeping a relatively low profile on social media in terms of their relationship.

But based on what a source told The U.S., it appears that their bond is as strong as ever. She has fallen in love with Marcus in just two months, according to Sun from a year ago.

“Larsa is totally fixated on Marcus. She claims to be able to envision a future with him.

Given this, it would seem safe to assume that the ex-best friend of Kim Kardashian wasn’t particularly shaken by Jordan’s cheating scandal in November.

In a U.S. Exclusivе vidеo obtainеd by Thе Sun appеarеd to show him kissing an Instagram modеl from Florida bеforе thе two walkеd hand in hand to his housе.

Howеvеr, Pippеn and Jordan appеar to havе movеd past this incidеnt as thеy spеnt a significant portion of thе holiday sеason togеthеr.

Hеr divorcе was lеgally finalizеd in Dеcеmbеr 2021, just ovеr a yеar bеforе shе fеll in lovе for thе first timе.

Aftеr 19 yеars of marriagе, Scottiе and Larsa wеlcomеd four kids: Scotty Jr., Prеston, Justin, and Sophia.

Pippen and Jordan have gone Instagram-official


Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were teammates at the Chicago Bulls, but have had a long-standing feud



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