In the DraftKings ad, who is the actress?


DraftKings, a well-known fantasy sports company, has several commercials running.

The commercials have gotten so much attention in the media that viewers are curious about the blonde woman in the middle of them.

Who is the actress in the DraftKings commercial?

DraftKings commercials typically air in the commercial breaks of sporting events.

A sports host appears in every on-air campaign scene and remains active throughout the commercial.

Jessie Coffield is the host featured in the company’s commercials.

Jessie rose to prominence as a result of her brief appearances on DraftKings commercials.


Is Jessie Coffield married?

Fans begin to wonder more about Jessie Coffield as she becomes more well-known to the public.

Jessie was born on October 15, 1990.

She is married to Michael Nowak.

In May of 2022, Jessie and Michael are expecting their first child.

Is Jessie Coffield on social media?

Jessie Coffield is very active on social media to promote her DraftKings hosting responsibilities.

She has over 6,200 followers on Instagram.

Jessie shаred а sonogrаm picture on her officiаl pаge on November 27, 2021.

“This wаs а difficult secret to keep…bаby Nowаk due eаrly Mаy!” she wrote in the cаption.

On Twitter, Jessie’s follower count is over 4,100.

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