In the trailer for the upcoming season, GMA’s Robin Roberts exclaims, “Where are the tissues?” during an emotional moment on screen.


During the new season of her Disney Plus TV series, GOOD Morning America star Robin Roberts requested tissues to dry her tears.

On the Disney Plus program Turning the Tables With Robin Roberts, the GMA host creates space for various female celebrities from “all walks of life” to open up emotionally.


The new four-episode season of the touching series will return to Disney's streaming network this Spring


On Wednesday, March 15, the second season of Robert's show will premiere in celebration of Women's History Month


The Emmy-winning series’ first season premiered in 2021, and its new four-episode season will premiere on Disney’s streaming service this spring.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Robert’s show will premiere its second season on March 15.

Intimate roundtable conversations with well-known figures like Brooke Shields, Kelly Osbourne, Kyla Pratt, and Marsai Martin are featured in the second season of the American broadcaster’s show.

In an Instagram preview, Roberts stated that her show is about delving “a little bit beneath the surface” as she tells her guest that they all have “more in common than not.”

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Where is the tissue, Roberts inquired while the women spoke from the heart.

In the preview video, Loni Love told the GMA star, “I understand why you get information out of people.”

Regarding the roundtable show, Roberts said, “Beautiful, dynamic, creative, different women can come and have a safe conversation.”

“We’re saying ‘you go girl,” she added.

With almost 15,000 views, many show fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming season.

“I had a blast watching this show! I’m so еxcitеd for sеason 2,” an Instagram usеr wrotе.

Addеd somеonе: “Yеsss!!! Can’t wait,” italicizеd with a hеart.

Wе can’t wait for Sеason 2!” Congrats on S1 bеing such a succеss, somеonе еlsе said.

Thеy continuеd, “Grеat show; wе adorе it. Blеssings always.”


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