Indulge in Generosity: Enthralling Gift-giver Urges Girlfriend to Splurge $200+ on Birthday Surprises!


He Set a Minimum Budget for His Gifts: Woman’s Boyfriend Asks Her to Spend at Least $200 on Birthday

When it comes to gift-giving, the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” However, not everyone abides by this sentiment, as one woman on Mumsnet discovered. Her boyfriend not only disregarded this old adage but also went a step further by setting a minimum budget for her when buying his birthday gift. Is this weird? Let’s take a closer look.

In a post on the “Am I Being Unreasonable?” subforum on Mumsnet, a woman expressed her frustration with her boyfriend’s birthday demands. They had been together for about a year, and recently returned from a vacation. During their trip, her boyfriend insisted that she wait until they were back home before buying him a birthday gift. This request alone may seem a bit odd, but it gets even stranger.

Her boyfriend told her this multiple times, without considering that his birthday was right after their return, leaving her no time to order his gifts. Not only that, but he also requested specific and expensive items. To make matters worse, he had previously given her a cheap gift for her own birthday a few months earlier. Adding insult to injury, he frequently makes jokes about her financial situation, knowing that she is currently strapped for cash.

In her own words, the woman recounts the situation. She explains that her boyfriend expected her to spend at least £200 on him, which was his budget, and specified that he wanted an outdoor pop-up tent and a JBL speaker within that budget. However, following her boyfriend’s advice, ordering anything would mean the gifts wouldn’t arrive on time for his birthday. Despite her financial constraints, she took him to the beach and paid for dinner, but he still expressed disappointment for not receiving any gifts.

To further compound her frustration, the woman recalls her own birthday. She received a pair of Crocs in the wrong size, Yankee Candles in Christmas scents, and a reed diffuser. Additionally, they went for an expensive meal tasting, where the total cost was £160, which her boyfriend included as part of the money he spent on her. This unequal treatment left her feeling disappointed and questioning her boyfriend’s behavior.

Commenters on the forum had mixed opinions on the situation. Some suggested leaving this relationship, as any partner who demands a specific amount to be spent on them may not be worth your time. Others saw this as a sign of financial abuse and advised her to reconsider the relationship. There were also those who felt both parties needed to mature and communicate better. The majority, however, agreed that it was time for the woman to end the relationship.

In conclusion, the situation described by this woman on Mumsnet is undeniably troubling. Setting a minimum budget for gifts and expecting expensive items while disregarding her financial situation raises red flags in the relationship. It is essential to have open and honest communication, and both partners should respect each other’s boundaries and financial constraints. Ultimately, it may be best for the woman to reevaluate whether this relationship is healthy and fulfilling for her.


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