Internet users appear to genuinely believe that Garth Brooks is capable of murder.


People frequently ask Garth Brooks where the bodies are in the comments section of his social media posts, which is probably the most peculiar thing you’ve ever seen. Naturally, the majority of people are familiar with the country superstar thanks to his hit song “Friends In Low Places,” but if this rumor is true, Garth may have some friends in even lower places than we have all long assumed.

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So why is it that Garth’s guilt or innocence is the subject of a legitimate conspiracy? How did the otherwise adored musician end up the subject of such an outrageous rumor? To learn every known detail, continue reading.

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It goes without saying that strange comments are frequently made beneath celebrity social media posts. However, it is somewhat alarming that hundreds, if not thousands, of users have repeatedly stated the same thing under Garth’s posts over time. Do they possess information that we do not? Maybe, but it’s not what you think, to be honest.

The whole thing appears to have started when Garth revealed his stadium tour for 2018 in a video that was widely mocked at the time.

Then, a video on the well-known comedy channel YMH Studios, hosted by Tom Segura, Christina P, and Fahim Anwar, implied that Garth was a serial killer who had hundreds of bodies hidden on his property. YMH Studios fans ran with the claim even though the video was only satirical, and things have only gotten worse since.

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People frequently ask Garth in his comment section, “Where are the bodies?”

You’d be hard-pressed to find one of Garth’s posts in the years since that isn’t replete with user comments asking him where he’s hiding corpses. The most amusing aspect of the situation is that neither Garth nor his team appear to be aware of what is happening at this time. Over the years, none of the comments have ever been removed or archived, and whenever he posts something new, YHM Studios fans are quick to spread murderous rumors.

Does that imply that Garth has committed murder? Far from it, but occasionally online rumors spread so widely that the truth is obscured by what was only meant to be a joke in the first place.


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