Introducing the Highly Acclaimed Chioma Nnadi: The New Creative Force Taking the Fashion World by Storm at British Vogue!


Chioma Nnadi Takes the Reins at British Vogue

After months of speculation as to who would replace Edward Enninful at the helm of British Vogue, the cat is finally out of the bag. Condé Nast has revealed that fashion editor Chioma Nnadi will be taking on the role of head of editorial content (rather than editor-in-chief).

A Fashion Editor with a Vision

Chioma Nnadi, a London-born journalist, is set to start her new post on October 9 and will be the first Black woman to edit the esteemed fashion publication. With 13 years of experience at Vogue, Nnadi has proven her talent and dedication to the industry.

A Multifaceted Background

Chioma Nnadi was born and raised in London to a Swiss-German nurse mother and a Nigerian father who came to the UK to study in the 1960s. Her multicultural upbringing has undoubtedly influenced her perspective on fashion and has shaped her creative vision.

A Journey to Success

Before joining Vogue, Nnadi began her career as a writer for the features desk of the Evening Standard Magazine in London. However, she soon relocated to New York to work for Trace, an indie style magazine. Her passion and talent caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to her appointment as the style director at The Fader.

Since joining Vogue in 2010, Nnadi has made significant contributions to the brand’s success. She has overseen the digital coverage of various major events, such as the Met Gala, Forces of Fashion, and Vogue World. Her efforts have resulted in record-breaking engagement and have solidified her reputation as a skilled and influential fashion editor.

Embracing the Pressure

As the latest addition to the prestigious team at British Vogue, Nnadi is well aware of the pressure and expectations that come with the role. In an interview with the Guardian, she acknowledged the weight of the position, saying, “Is there pressure? Yeah, there’s definitely pressure – it’s Vogue.” However, she is determined to meet and exceed these expectations.

Celebrating British Fashion

Nnadi credits London’s boundary-pushing style and creative scene as instrumental in shaping her personal outlook on fashion. She is excited to use her platform to celebrate the broad scope of what it means to be British, embracing diversity and championing emerging talent.


Chioma Nnadi’s appointment as head of editorial content at British Vogue marks a significant milestone for both the fashion industry and representation. Her talent, experience, and unique perspective make her the perfect fit for the role. As she takes the reins, Nnadi is poised to lead British Vogue into a new era of inclusivity and innovation.


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