Investigators look into a separate’shooting’ at the home where Trent Lehrkamp was allegedly tortured, involving a teenage girl.


A SEPARATE investigation is currently taking place at THE house where a teen was allegedly tortured so severely that he ended up on a ventilator in the ICU.

Trent Lehrkamp, 19, was filmed getting covered in what appeared to be spray paint and urine after being force-fed excessive amounts of alcohol and hallucinogens.


A teenage girl was allegedly shot with an Orbeez gun at the home in St. Simon's Island, Georgia, according to a complaint


A previous incident at the St. Louis residence is currently being investigated. Located about 80 miles south of Savannah on Simon’s Island, Georgia.

According to NBC affiliate WSAV, citing the county’s police chief, a teen girl claimed she was shot at close range by an Orbeez gun, a toy that fires gel-filled rounds about the size of paintballs.

According to WSAV, police weren’t informed of the alleged attack until a few days after Lehrkamp’s story went viral.

Before Lehrkamp was taken to the hospital on March 21, at least two graphic photos of him were posted to Snapchat from the residence.

Teen 'linked to horrific hazing torture case' is identified by horrific pic
Teen 'fights for life after hazing saw him tortured, humiliated & assaulted'

Lehrkamp was allegedly photographed that night while unconscious on a chair, surrounded by four others.

According to reports, the incident occurred while Lehrkamp was at an off-campus frat party with people he knew from Glynn Academy High School.

He was eventually abandoned at a Brunswick, New Jersey, emergency room.

Glynn County law enforcement reported that Lehrkamp was barely conscious, reeking of alcohol, and covered in a mixture of spray paint and urine.

His BAC was 5.9, making him nearly six times the legal limit’s maximum.

The alleged torture has been reported to the police, and the FBI has joined the investigation, but no arrests have been made.

Many people are angry and want to see the perpetrators brought to justice, shouting for “justice for Trent.”

Residents are so outraged that they have taken to the streets, holding signs that read “we got your back.”

This week, Lehrkamp made his first public statement since his injury and is now on the road to recovery.

Teenage “traumatized” victim expresses profound gratitude for help and reports being “alive and doing well.”

Please be patient with me as I work through the trauma of this experience; however, I do hope to return in the coming months.

Lehrkamp was hospitalized after the incident but he's improving and released his first public statement earlier this week


Locals have been protesting to get 'justice for Trent' and hold his bullies responsible


Placards read 'we got your back' and Justice for Trent



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