Is Garrick Merrifield still dating Lea Newton, his potential third wife, from ‘Seeking Sister Wife’?


The Merrifield family begins dating a new woman, Lea Newton, in the premiere episode of Seeking Sister Wife. Is Lea still on Garrick’s radar as a third wife? The following is all we know about Lea and Garrick’s relationship.

Garrick is pushed by Dannielle to look for a third wife.

Dannielle shocked viewers when she revealed that finding a third wife for her husband, Garrick, was her idea during the June 6 episode of Seeking Sister Wife. She believes it is time to resume dating and look for a third wife.

“Dannielle approached me and said, ‘Hey, I think maybe God wants us to have another wife,” Garrick said.

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However, Roberta, Garrick’s potential second wife, is still unable to visit the US. Roberta’s K-1 visa for her fiancé was approved, but she has yet to travel to Colorado because of her mother’s health issues. While they wait for Roberta to arrive, Dannielle suggested they start looking for a third wife to add to the mix.

Lea, Garrick and Dannielle’s potential wife, is introduced to them.

Garrick and Dannielle decide to celebrate their anniversary by traveling to California to meet a woman they’ve been courting. On social media, Garrick met Lea, a 30-year-old woman, and the two hit it off right away. They struck up a conversation when the three of them came together.

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Dannielle and Garrick pick up Lea from the airport during the episode to spend some quality time with her. “My first impression of Lea was that she was very pretty,” Garrick says to the cameras.

“When they picked me up from the airport, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so handsome,” Lea says in her interview. Lea admits she was nervous, but she’s excited to get to know the Merrifield family.

Lea isn’t the first woman to attempt a plural relationship with a man. “Polygamy is simply a lifestyle choice for me,” she explained. It’s not for any religious reasons that I’m participating. I grew up in a family with several adults. It’s just something I’ve become accustomed to. I don’t believe I could be in a monogamous relationship.”

Are Garrick and Lea still together?

Is chemistry enough for Garrick and Lea to marry? Lea may still be with Garrick, based on some clues. Lea and Garrick, as well as Dannielle, are all Instagram friends.

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Things between Roberta and the Merrifields, on the other hand, could be coming to an end. Roberta no longer follows Garrick, Dannielle, or Lea on Instagram, implying that she has broken up with the Merrifields.

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife will have to wait until the fourth season to see how far Lea progresses in her quest to marry Garrick. Garrick’s third wife, Lea, might become his second.

TLC and Discovery+ present Seeking Sister Wife Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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