Is it Cheating to Use Auto Catchers in Pokemon GO Like Team Rocket?


Isn’t it crazy that Pokemon GO has been around for almost a decade now? But it makes sense given the number of people who have invested in it and the way Nintendo and Niantic keep improving and expanding it. Like the first Pokemon craze, Pokemon GO is here to stay and will develop alongside society.

However, playing the game while out and about isn’t always possible, and actively looking for Pokemon takes a lot of time. Although they can speed up the process, are auto catchers permitted in Pokemon Go?

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How do auto catchers work? They are straightforward items that perform two tasks while connected via Bluetooth to your phone. First, they track your footfalls. That might not seem special, but it makes it possible for you to quickly hatch any Pokemon eggs you acquire.

Two, as you pass by, they will instantly detect any nearby Pokemon and launch a single red Pokeball at it. This means that even if you’re prohibited from using a phone at work or school, you can still catch Pokemon to gain experience and free up time.

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You can consistently get Pokemon and level up thanks to auto catchers.

Auto catchers are definitely permitted, but there are some distinctions between official and independent auto catchers. Additionally, even though it’s unlikely that you’ll be banned for utilizing a third-party auto catcher, there have been instances in which people have received a soft ban. Utilizing the official PokeBall Plus or Pokemon GO Plus is the safest bet because Nintendo won’t at all forbid users from using their products. However, while you reduce risk in this way, third-party auto catchers have fewer catches restrictions.

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The official products’ lack of true automaticity is another drawback. They vibrate at you and require you to press a button in order to spin stops or catch Pokemon, which can be an annoyance for those who wanted a tool that was actually effective. If you used a third-party, there are no vibrations or button presses necessary for the device to catch and spin. Even though they are fully automatic, they sometimes miss things. However, they will try to catch anything that is in their line of sight.

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An auto catcher is worthwhile because stopping to catch Pokemon consumes a lot of time.

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Make careful use of these features to avoid locking yourself out of catching rare Pokemon if you use an auto catcher near them. Using a single red Pokeball and that catch rate, auto catchers function. You cannot attempt it again if it is not discovered. That Pokemon will run away right away, leaving you without it.

Auto-catching isn’t cheating, and you have absolutely no chance of getting banned for it. Just be wise and avoid purchasing dubious goods or software, and if you’re getting close to a Pokemon you really want, turn it off.


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