Is Playground AI free to use and what does it do?


Right now, EVERYONE is talking about smart AI image editing apps.

And one on most people’s lips is Playground AI.


Discover what makes it unique compared to other AI imaging platforms by reading on.

What is Playground AI?

By simply writing out what you want, Playground AI enables you to create any image you desire.

The program will produce better results if you give it more information.

It runs off the back of three different AI models.

These are Dall-e 2, Stable Diffusion 1.5, and Stable Diffusion 2.1.

Each can achieve different results.

Additionally, you can upload an image and request that the software add or remove elements.

You could upload a picture of yourself at the beach, for instance, and ask it to add sunglasses to your face.

Is Playground AI free to use?

Playground AI is free – up to a limit.

Free image creation is limited to 1,000 per day, and you can only use the simpler Dall-e 2 model; not the more complex ones.

After 50 images, there are also quality and detail restrictions.

How much is Playground AI?

There are Pro plans available if you want to get more from Playground AI.

With Stable Diffusion, you can produce 2,000 images per day with no quality limitations for $15 per month.

You can upgradе to Dall-е 2 for an additional $10, which usеs its AI modеl to dеlivеr 800 imagеs.

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