It’s my job to clean, and when I polish the grout, it comes out so bright that even the pros in the industry take notice.


Cleaning the grout in between tiles is universally regarded as the most frustrating aspect of tile maintenance.

After another failed attempt to get them squeaky clean like they once were, most people just mop over it and give up on the grout.


The janitor revealed the clever way he cleaned his grout


Brandon also shared a nifty trick to get furniture marks out of carpet


A janitor has revealed the simple method she uses to restore worn out carpets to their original condition.

Brandon, aka @cleanthatup, shared a video on TikTok in which he discussed his three best tips, stating that the best results can be attained with just two ingredients and a few seconds’ work.

He then casually explained how to make a homemade grout cleaner by combining baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then showed the audience the results.

He poured the cleaner over the grout, scrubbed it with a brush, and then wiped it clean.

What he found was that the darker, older grout remained on one side, while the lighter, cleaner grout showed up where he’d wiped.

While he was showing how to clean grout, he also demonstrated a neat method for dusting ceiling fan blades.

He wrapped one blade in an old pillowcase and lifted it off its base to remove the dust.

The old one he kept in his cleaning kit was for just such an occasion.

He then demonstrated his ability to repair carpets damaged by furniture dents.

A damp towel and 10 to 15 seconds of iron steam is my preferred method. Then you just fork the groom, and they’ll disappear,” he concluded.

‘3 quick cleaning tips from a janitor,’ he captioned the image.

One commenter’s astonishment at the effectiveness of the method for cleaning grout read: “YOU CAN CLEAN BETWEEN THE TILES??”

“You just solved 99% of my cleaning issues in less than 60 seconds,” said another.

Even a professional was so impressed by his advice that they gushed, “I have cleaned professionally, and these are awesome tips I have never heard.”

Others agreed that the two extra pieces of advice were extremely helpful, and they made sure Brandon was aware of the positive effect his ideas had.

Another user reacted to the pillow case by writing, “Omg! I can’t believe nobody else has thought of the fan trick!

Someone else exclaimed, “Omg thank you for the furniture one!!! “, while a third complained, “old homeowners tv stand marks have been in the carpet for ages and always bother me!! “

People were especially impressed with this hack


Brandon used a pillow case to get dust off of ceiling fan blades



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